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1 do

An uproarious party.

synonyms: bash, brawl.

Dutch: boerenkermis, do, fuif

2 do

The syllable naming the first (tonic) note of any major scale in solmization.

synonyms: doh, ut.

Dutch: do
Polish: c, do

3 DO

Doctor's degree in osteopathy.

synonym: Doctor of Osteopathy.


1 do

Engage in:
— Do research.
— Do nothing.

synonym: make.

Roget 831: be content etc. adj.; rest satisfied, rest and be thankful; take the good the gods provide, let well alone, let well enough alone, feel oneself at home, hug oneself, lay the flattering unction to one's soul.    take up with, take in good part; accept, ... show more

Roget 545: deceive, take in; defraud, cheat, jockey, do, cozen, diddle, nab, chouse, play one false, bilk, cully, jilt, ... show more

2 do

Carry out or perform an action.

synonyms: execute, perform.

Roget 729: effect, effectuate; accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out; bring to maturity, bring to perfection; perfect, complete; elaborate.    do, execute, ... show more

Roget 692: transact [cause to occur], execute; despatch, dispatch; proceed with, discharge; carry on, carry through, carry out, carry into effect, put into effect; work out; go through, ... show more

Roget 680: do, perform, execute; achieve etc. (complete) 729; transact, enact; commit, perpetrate, inflict; exercise, prosecute, ... show more

Dutch: doen, uitvoeren

3 do

Get (something) done.

synonym: perform.

Dutch: presteren, uitvoeren, verrichten

4 do

Proceed or get along:
— How is she doing in her new job?.

synonyms: come, fare, get along, make out.

Roget 7: be in a state, possess a state, enjoy a state, labor under a state etc. n.; be on a footing, do, fare; come to pass.   

Dutch: redden

5 do

Give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally.

synonyms: cause, make.

Roget 161: produce, perform, operate, do, make, gar, form, construct, fabricate, frame, contrive, manufacture; weave, ... show more

Dutch: leiden, teweegbrengen, veroorzaken

6 do

Carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions.

synonyms: exercise, practice, practise.

Dutch: beoefenen

7 do

Be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity:
— Will $100 do?.
— A `B' grade doesn't suffice to get me into medical school.

synonyms: answer, serve, suffice.

Roget 731: succeed; be successful etc. adj.; gain one's end, gain one's ends; crown with success.    gain a point, attain a point, carry a point, secure a point, win a point, win an object; get there [U.S.]; ... show more

Roget 639: be sufficient etc. adj.; suffice, do, just do, satisfy, pass muster; have enough etc. n.; eat.    one's fill, ... show more

Dutch: volstaan, [[het]] [[ermee]] [[doen]]

8 do

Create or design, often in a certain way:
— Do my room in blue.

synonym: make.

Dutch: koken

9 do

Behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself:
— Don't behave like a fool.
— What makes her do this way?.
— The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people.

synonyms: act, behave.

Dutch: bezoeken, zich gedragen, doen, gedragen, spelen

10 do

Spend time in prison or in a labor camp.

synonym: serve.

Dutch: eraan

11 do

Carry on or function:
— We could do with a little more help around here.

synonym: manage.

12 do

Arrange attractively.

synonyms: arrange, coif, coiffe, coiffure, dress, set.

Roget 23: be accordant etc. adj.; agree, accord, harmonize; correspond, tally, respond; meet, suit, fit, befit, ... show more

Dutch: coifferen, kappen

13 do

Travel or traverse (a distance).

Dutch: bakken


Roget 765: prithee, do, please, pray; be so good as, be good enough; have the goodness, vouchsafe, will you, I pray thee, if you please.   

Moby thesaurus: I beg you, Mardi Gras, Saturnalia, accompany, accomplish, achieve, acquit, act, act a part, act as, act like, act out, advantage, affect, answer, ape, appear, arrival, assister, assume ... show more.

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