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1 sear

Make very hot and dry.

synonym: scorch.

Roget 823: be insensible etc. adj.; have a rhinoceros hide; show insensibility etc. n.; not mind, not care, not be affected by; have no desire for etc. 866; have no interest in, ... show more

2 sear

Become superficially burned.

synonyms: scorch, singe.

Roget 384: heat, warm, chafe, stive, foment; make hot etc. 382; sun oneself, sunbathe.    go up in flames, burn to the ground (flame) 382.    ... show more

3 sear

Burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color.

synonyms: blacken, char, scorch.

4 sear

Cause to wither or parch from exposure to heat.

synonym: parch.

Dutch: versmachten, blakeren, roosteren, schroeien, verschroeien, verzengen, zengen


1 sear

used especially of vegetation Having lost all moisture.

synonyms: dried-up, sere, shriveled, shrivelled, withered.

Roget 340: dry, anhydrous, arid; adust, arescent; dried etc. v.; undamped; juiceless, sapless; sear; husky; rainless, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Sanforize, Sanforized, adust, air-dry, anhydrate, attaint, attenuate, attenuated, bake, baked, barbecue, baste, bedaub, besmear, besmirch, besmoke, bestain, blacken, blanch, blaze ... show more.

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