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Roget category 762

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.7. Special intersocial volition

#762. Consent


consentassent etc. 488acquiescenceapproval etc. 931compliance, agreement, concessionyieldance, yieldingnessaccession, acknowledgment, acceptance, agnition.
settlement, ratification, confirmation, adjustment.
permit etc. (permission) 760 promise etc. 768.


consentassent etc. 488yield assent, admit, allow, concede, grant, yieldcome round, come overgive into, acknowledge, agnize, give consent, comply with, acquiesce, agree to, fall in with, accede, accept, embrace an offer, close with, take at one's word, have no objection.
satisfy, meet one's wishes, settle, come to terms etc. 488not refuse etc. 764turn a willing ear etc. (willingness) 602jump atdeign, vouchsafepromise etc. 768.


consenting etc. v. — squeezableagreed etc. (assent) 488unconditional.


OK, yes etc. (assent) 488by all means etc. (willingly) 602no problemif you please, as you pleasebe it so, so be it, well and good, of courseplease dodon't hesitate.


chi tace accousente [It].

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