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hammer out


1 hammer out

Discuss vehemently in order to reach a solution or an agreement:
— The leaders of the various Middle Eastern countries are trying to hammer out a peace agreement.

synonym: thrash out.

Roget 240: form, shape, figure, fashion, efform, carve, cut, chisel, hew, cast; rough hew, rough cast; sketch; block out, ... show more

Roget 673: prepare; get ready, make ready; make preparations, settle preliminaries, get up, sound the note of preparation.    set in order, put in order etc. (arrange) 60; forecast ... show more

Roget 729: effect, effectuate; accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out; bring to maturity, bring to perfection; perfect, complete; elaborate.    do, execute, ... show more

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