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1 serve

sports A stroke that puts the ball in play:
— His powerful serves won the game.

synonym: service.

Dutch: opslaan, opslag, service
Polish: serw, serwis, zagrywka


1 serve

Serve a purpose, role, or function:
— The tree stump serves as a table.
— The female students served as a control group.
— This table would serve very well.
— His freedom served him well.

synonym: function.

Roget 749: be subject etc. adj.; be at the mercy of, lie at the mercy of; depend upon, lean upon, hang upon; fall a prey to, fall under; play second fiddle.    be a mere machine, be a puppet, ... show more

Roget 746: serve; wait upon, attend upon, dance attendance upon, pin oneself upon; squire, tend, hang on the sleeve of; chore [U.S.].   

Roget 722: arm; raise troops, mobilize troops; raise up in arms; take up the cudgels etc. 720; take up arms, fly to arms, appeal to arms, fly to the sword; draw the sword, unsheathe the sword; dig up the hatchet, ... show more

Roget 743: be obedient etc. adj.; obey, bear obedience to; submit etc. 725; comply, answer the helm, come at one's call; do one's bidding, do what one is told, do suit and service; ... show more

Dutch: dienen, figureren, functioneren, fungeren

2 serve

Do duty or hold offices; serve in a specific function.

3 serve

Contribute or conduce to.

4 serve

Be used by; as of a utility:
— The sewage plant served the neighboring communities.
— The garage served to shelter his horses.

synonym: service.

Roget 625: pass one's time in, employ one's time in, spend one's time in; employ oneself in, employ oneself upon; occupy oneself with, concern oneself with; make it one's business etc. n.; undertake etc. 676; ... show more

5 serve

Help to some food; help with food or drink:
— I served him three times, and after that he helped himself.

synonym: help.

6 serve

Provide (usually but not necessarily food):
— We serve meals for the homeless.
— The entertainers served up a lively show.

synonyms: dish, dish out, dish up, serve up.

Dutch: dienen, dissen, opdienen, opdissen, opdoen, serveren, voorschotelen, voorzetten

7 serve

Devote (part of) one's life or efforts to, as of countries, institutions, or ideas.

Dutch: dienen

8 serve

Promote, benefit, or be useful or beneficial to:
— Art serves commerce.
— Their interests are served.
— The lake serves recreation.
— The President's wisdom has served the country well.

synonym: serve well.

9 serve

Spend time in prison or in a labor camp.

synonym: do.

Dutch: eraan

10 serve

Work for or be a servant to:
— May I serve you?.
— The minister served the King for many years.

synonyms: assist, attend, attend to, wait on.

Roget 707: aid, assist, help, succor, lend one's aid; come to the aid etc. n.. of; contribute, subscribe to; bring aid, give aid, furnish aid, ... show more

Dutch: opdienen, serveren

11 serve

Deliver a warrant or summons to someone.

synonyms: process, swear out.

12 serve

Be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity:
— Nothing else will serve.

synonyms: answer, do, suffice.

Roget 644: be useful etc. adj.; avail, serve; subserve etc. (be instrumental to) 631; conduce etc. (tend) 176; answer, ... show more

Dutch: volstaan, [[het]] [[ermee]] [[doen]]

13 serve

Do military service.

14 serve

Mate with:
— Male animals serve the females for breeding purposes.

synonym: service.

15 serve

Put the ball into play.

Moby thesaurus: accommodate, accord, act, act as, act for, administer, administer to, advance, advantage, afford, allot, allow, answer, answer for, assist, attend, attend on, attend to, avail, award ... show more.

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