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1 dress

A one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice.

synonym: frock.

Roget 852: fashion, style, ton, bon ton, society; good society, polite society; monde [Fr.]; drawing-room, civilized life, civilization, town, beau monde [Fr.], high life, ... show more

Roget 882: ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage [Fr.], pomp, array, state, solemnity; dash, splash, splurge, glitter, ... show more

2 dress

Clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion:
— Battle dress.

synonyms: attire, garb.

Dutch: als de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen op tafel, dos, dracht, gelegenheidskleding, uitdossing, uitmonstering
Polish: ubiór, przyodzienie, strój, ubranie

3 dress

Clothing in general:
— Fastidious about his dress.

synonyms: apparel, clothes, wearing apparel.

Roget 225: clothing, investment; covering etc. 223; dress, raiment, drapery, costume, attire, guise, toilet, toilette, trim; ... show more

Dutch: kledij, kleding, kleren


1 dress

Put on clothes:
— We had to dress quickly.
— Dress the patient.
— Can the child dress by herself?.

synonym: get dressed.

Roget 16: be uniform etc. adj.; accord with etc. 23; run through.    become uniform etc. adj.; conform to etc. 82.    render uniform, ... show more

2 dress

Provide with clothes or put clothes on:
— Parents must feed and dress their child.

synonyms: apparel, clothe, enclothe, fit out, garb, garment, habilitate, raiment, tog.

Roget 225: invest; cover etc. 223; envelope, lap, involve; inwrap, enwrap; wrap; fold up, wrap up, lap up, muffle up; ... show more

Dutch: aankleden, kleden

3 dress

Put a finish on.

4 dress

Dress in a certain manner:
— She dresses in the latest Paris fashion.
— He dressed up in a suit and tie.

synonym: dress up.

Roget 673: prepare; get ready, make ready; make preparations, settle preliminaries, get up, sound the note of preparation.    set in order, put in order etc. (arrange) 60; forecast ... show more

Dutch: kleden

5 dress

Dress or groom with elaborate care:
— She likes to dress when going to the opera.

synonyms: plume, preen, primp.

6 dress

Kill and prepare for market or consumption:
— Dress a turkey.

synonym: dress out.

7 dress

Arrange in ranks:
— Dress troops.

synonym: line up.

8 dress

Decorate (food), as with parsley or other ornamental foods.

synonyms: garnish, trim.

Roget 27: be equal etc. adj.; equal, match, reach, keep pace with, run abreast; come to, amount to, come up to; be on a level with, lie on a level with; ... show more

Roget 972: punish; chastise, chasten; castigate, correct, inflict punishment, administer correction, deal retributive justice; cowhide, lambaste [Slang].    visit upon, pay; pay out, serve out; ... show more

Roget 847: ornament, embellish, enrich, decorate, adorn, bead, beautify, adonize.    smarten, furbish, polish, gild, varnish, whitewash, ... show more

Dutch: garneren, sieren

9 dress

Provide with decoration:
— Dress the windows.

synonym: decorate.

Dutch: opsmukken, sieren

10 dress

Put a dressing on.

11 dress

Cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of:
— Dress the plants in the garden.

synonyms: clip, crop, cut back, lop, prune, snip, trim.

Dutch: afsnoeien, snoeien

12 dress

Cut down rough-hewn (lumber) to standard thickness and width.

13 dress

Convert into leather.

14 dress

Apply a bandage or medication to.

15 dress

Give a neat appearance to:
— Dress the horses.

synonyms: curry, groom.

16 dress

Arrange attractively:
— Dress my hair for the wedding.

synonyms: arrange, coif, coiffe, coiffure, do, set.

Roget 23: be accordant etc. adj.; agree, accord, harmonize; correspond, tally, respond; meet, suit, fit, befit, ... show more

Dutch: coifferen, kappen


1 dress

Suitable for formal occasions:
— A full-dress uniform.
— Dress shoes.

synonym: full-dress.

2 dress

of an occasion Requiring formal clothes:
— A dress dinner.
— A full-dress ceremony.

synonym: full-dress.

Moby thesaurus: Mother Hubbard, accouter, adorn, anoint, apparel, appoint, arm, armory, arrange, array, attire, backset, badge, badge of office, badges, ballet skirt, bandage, bathe, baton, bawl out ... show more.

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