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take steps


Roget 692: transact [cause to occur], execute; despatch, dispatch; proceed with, discharge; carry on, carry through, carry out, carry into effect, put into effect; work out; go through, ... show more

Roget 680: do, perform, execute; achieve etc. (complete) 729; transact, enact; commit, perpetrate, inflict; exercise, prosecute, ... show more

Roget 673: prepare; get ready, make ready; make preparations, settle preliminaries, get up, sound the note of preparation.    set in order, put in order etc. (arrange) 60; forecast ... show more

Roget 626: plan, scheme, design, frame, contrive, project, forecast, sketch; devise, invent etc. (imagine) 515; set one's wits to work ... show more

Moby thesaurus: act on, act upon, bear a hand, clear the decks, consider every angle, do something, do something about, forearm, get with it, go, guard against, hedge, leave out nothing, lift a finger, make sure, make sure against, maneuver, overlook no possibility, play safe, prepare for ... show more.

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