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Roget category 676

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.2. Prospective volition
›› 5.2.3. Precursory measures

#676. Undertaking


undertakingcompact etc. 769adventure, ventureengagement etc. (promise) 768enterprise, emprisepilgrimagematter in hand etc. (business ) 625movefirst move etc. (beginning) 66.


undertakeengage in, embark inlaunch into, plunge intovolunteerapprentice oneself toengage etc. (promise) 768contract etc. 769take upon oneself, take upon one's shouldersdevote oneself to etc. (determination) 604.
take up, take in handtackleset about, go aboutset to, fall to, set to worklaunch forthset up shopput in hand, put in executionset forwardbreak the neck of a business, be in, forput one's hand to, put one's foot inbetake oneself to, turn one's hand to, go to dobegin one's etc. 66broach one's, institute one's etc. (originate) 153put one's hand to the plow, lay one's hand to the plow, put one's shoulder to the wheel.
have in hand etc. (business) 625have many irons in the fire etc. (activity) 682.


undertaking etc. v. — on the anvil etc. 625.


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