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Roget category 706

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.4. Antagonism
›› 5.4.2. Active antagonism

#706. Hindrance


prevention, preclusion, obstruction, stoppageembolus, embolism [Med.]infarct [Med.]interruption, interception, interclusionhindrance, impeditionretardment, retardationembarrassment, oppilationcoarctation, stricture, restrictionrestraint etc. 751inhibition etc. 761blockade etc. (closure) 261.
interference, interpositionobtrusiondiscouragement, discountenance.
impediment, let, obstacle, obstruction, knot, knagcheck, hitch, contretemps, screw loose, grit in the oil.
bar, stile, barrier [barrier to vehicles] turnstile, turnpikegate, portcullis.
beaver damtrochabarricade etc. (defense) 717wall, dead wall, sea wall, levee breakwater, groynebulkhead, block, bufferstopper etc. 263boom, dam, weir, burrock.
drawback, objectionstumbling-block, stumbling-stonelion in the path, snagsnags and sawyers.
encumbrance, incumbranceclog, skid, shoe, spokedrag, drag chain, drag weightstay, stoppreventive, prophylacticload, burden, fardel, onus, millstone round one's neck, impedimentadead weightlumber, packnightmare, Ephialtes, incubus, old man of the searemora.
difficulty etc. 704insuperable etc. 471obstacleestoppel [Law]ill windhead wind etc. (opposition) 708trammel, tether etc. (means of restraint) 752hold back, counterpoise.
[person who hinders] damper, wet blanket, hinderer, marplot, killjoyparty pooper [Coll.]party crasher, interloper.
trail of a red herringopponent etc. 710.


hinder, impede, filibuster [U.S.], impedite, embarrass.
keep off, stave off, ward offobviateavert, antevertturn aside, draw off, prevent, forefend, nip in the budretard, slacken, check, letcounteract, countercheckpreclude, debar, foreclose, estop [Law]inhibit etc. 761shackle etc. (restrain) 751restrict.
obstruct, stop, stay, bar, bolt, lockblock, block upchoke offbelay, barricadeblock the way, bar the way, stop the wayforelaydam up etc. (close) 261put on the brake etc. n. — scotch the wheel, lock the wheel, put a spoke in the wheelput a stop to etc. 142traverse, contraveneinterrupt, interceptoppose etc. 708hedge in, hedge roundcut offinerclude.
interpose, interfere, intermeddle etc. 682.
cramp, hamperclog, clog the wheelscumberencumber, incumberhandicapchokesaddle with, load withoverload, laylumber, trammel, tie one's hands, put to inconvenienceincommode, discommodediscompose hustle, corner, drive into a corner.
run foul of, fall foul ofcross the path of, break in upon.
thwart, frustrate, disconcert, balk, foilfaze, feaze, feeze [U.S.]baffle, snub, override, circumventdefeat etc. 731spike guns etc. (render useless) 645spoil, mar, clip the wings ofcripple etc. (injure) 659put an extinguisher ondampdishearten etc. (dissuade) 616discountenance, throw cold water on, spoil sportlay a wet blanket, throw a wet blanket oncut the ground from under one, take the wind out of one's sails, underminebe in the way of, stand in the way ofact as a draghang like a millstone round one's neck.


hindering etc. v. — obstructive, obstruentimpeditive, impedientintercipientprophylactic etc. (remedial) 662impedimentary.
in the way of, unfavorableonerous, burdensomecumbrous, cumbersomeobtrusive.
hindered etc. v. — windbound, waterlogged, heavy ladenhard pressed.
unassisted etc. (assist) etc. 707single-handed, alonedeserted etc. 624.


occurrent nubes [Lat.].

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