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1 execute

Kill as a means of socially sanctioned punishment:
— In some states, criminals are executed.

synonym: put to death.

Roget 771: give security, give bail, give substantial bail; go bail; pawn, impawn, spout, mortgage, hypothecate, impignorate.    guarantee, warrant, warrantee, assure; ... show more

Roget 972: punish; chastise, chasten; castigate, correct, inflict punishment, administer correction, deal retributive justice; cowhide, lambaste [Slang].    visit upon, pay; pay out, serve out; ... show more

Dutch: executeren, uitvoeren

2 execute

Murder in a planned fashion.

Dutch: executeren, terechtstellen

3 execute

Put in effect:
— Execute the decision of the people.

synonyms: accomplish, action, carry out, carry through, fulfil, fulfill.

Roget 772: observe, comply with, respect, acknowledge, abide by; cling to, adhere to, be faithful to, act up to; meet, fulfill; carry out, carry into execution; execute, ... show more

Roget 692: transact [cause to occur], execute; despatch, dispatch; proceed with, discharge; carry on, carry through, carry out, carry into effect, put into effect; work out; go through, ... show more

Roget 729: effect, effectuate; accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out; bring to maturity, bring to perfection; perfect, complete; elaborate.    do, execute, ... show more

Dutch: volbrengen, afleggen, kwijten, sjouwen, treffen, uitrichten, uitvoeren

4 execute

Carry out the legalities of.

5 execute

Carry out a process or program, as on a computer or a machine:
— The computer executed the instruction.

synonym: run.

Dutch: uitvoeren

6 execute

Carry out or perform an action:
— The skater executed a triple pirouette.

synonyms: do, perform.

Roget 680: do, perform, execute; achieve etc. (complete) 729; transact, enact; commit, perpetrate, inflict; exercise, prosecute, ... show more

Roget 416: play, pipe, strike up, sweep the chords, tweedle, fiddle; strike the lyre, beat the drum; blow the horn, sound the horn, wind the horn; doodle; grind the organ; touch the guitar ... show more

Dutch: doen, uitvoeren

7 execute

Sign in the presence of witnesses.

Moby thesaurus: abide by, accompany, accomplish, achieve, act, adhere to, administer, administrate, annihilate, assassinate, attain, be productive, behead, bereave of life, bowstring, bring about, bring into being, bring off, bring to fruition, bump off ... show more.

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