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1 halt

The state of inactivity following an interruption:
— During the halt he got some lunch.

synonyms: arrest, check, hitch, stay, stop, stoppage.

Roget 142: cessation, discontinuance, desistance, desinence.    intermission, remission; suspense, suspension; interruption; stop; stopping etc. v.; closure, ... show more

Roget 687: repose, rest, silken repose; sleep etc. 683.    relaxation, breathing time; halt, stay, pause etc. (cessation) ... show more

Dutch: stop
Polish: przestój

2 halt

The event of something ending.

synonym: stop.

3 halt

An interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement:
— A halt in the arms race.

synonym: freeze.

Polish: zastygnięcie, zmartwienie, zakrzepnięcie, zamarcie, znieruchomienie


1 halt

Cause to stop:
— Halt the engines.
— Halt the presses.

synonyms: arrest, hold.

Roget 142: cease, discontinue, desist, stay, halt; break off, leave off; hold, stop, pull up, stop short; stick, hang fire; halt; ... show more

Roget 160: be weak etc. adj.; drop, crumble, give way, totter, tremble, shake, halt, limp, fade, languish, decline, ... show more

Roget 265: be quiescent etc. adj.; stand still, lie still; keep quiet, repose, hold the breath.    remain, stay; stand, lie to, ride at anchor, remain in situ, ... show more

Roget 275: move slowly etc. adv.; creep, crawl, lag, slug, drawl, linger, loiter, saunter; plod, trudge, stump along, ... show more

Roget 655: be ill etc. adj.; ail, suffer, labor under, be affected with, complain of, have; droop, flag, languish, halt; ... show more

Roget 732: fail; be unsuccessful etc. adj.; not succeed etc. 731; make vain efforts etc. n.; do in vain, labor in vain, toil in vain; flunk [U.S.]; ... show more

2 halt

Come to a halt, stop moving.

synonym: stop.

Dutch: aanhouden, halthouden, ophouden, stilstaan, deppen, stoppen, afbreken, beëindigen

3 halt

Stop from happening or developing:
— Halt the process.

synonyms: block, kibosh, stop.

4 halt

Stop the flow of a liquid.

synonyms: stanch, staunch, stem.

Dutch: aanhankelijk


1 halt

Disabled in the feet or legs.

synonyms: crippled, game, gimpy, halting, lame.

Moby thesaurus: abandon, abort, afterthought, amble, arrest, arrestation, bad, barge, belay, bell, bind, blind alley, block, blockage, bowl along, box, brake, break, breath, breather ... show more.

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