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1 barbecue

Meat that has been barbecued or grilled in a highly seasoned sauce.

synonym: barbeque.

Roget 298: eating etc. v.; deglutition, gulp, epulation, mastication, manducation, rumination; gluttony etc. 957.    [eating specific foods] ... show more

Dutch: barbecue

2 barbecue

A cookout in which food is cooked over an open fire; especially a whole animal carcass roasted on a spit.

synonym: barbeque.

Dutch: barbecue, grill

3 barbecue

A rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors.

synonym: barbeque.

Polish: grill, barbecue


1 barbecue

Cook outdoors on a barbecue grill:
— Let's barbecue that meat.

synonyms: barbeque, cook out.

Roget 673: prepare; get ready, make ready; make preparations, settle preliminaries, get up, sound the note of preparation.    set in order, put in order etc. (arrange) 60; forecast ... show more

Moby thesaurus: TV dinner, alfresco meal, aspic, bake, baste, blanch, boil, boiled meat, bouilli, braise, breakfast, brew, broil, brown, brunch, buffet supper, civet, clambake, coddle, coffee break ... show more.

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