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pay off


1 pay off

Yield a profit or result.

2 pay off

Eliminate by paying off (debts).

synonym: liquidate.

3 pay off

Pay off (loans or promissory notes).

synonym: redeem.

4 pay off

Do or give something to somebody in return.

synonyms: compensate, make up, pay.

Roget 718: retaliate, retort, turn upon; pay, pay off, pay back; pay in one's own coin, pay in the same coin; cap; reciprocate etc. 148; turn the tables upon, return the compliment; ... show more

Dutch: lonen, renderen

5 pay off

Pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor.

synonym: buy off.

Dutch: afkopen

6 pay off

Take vengeance on or get even.

synonyms: fix, get, pay back.

Moby thesaurus: advantage, afford, amortize, answer, approach, avail, be gainful, be handy, be of use, be profitable, be worthwhile, bear away, bear off, benefit, bestead, bribe, bring in, buy, buy off, clear ... show more.

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