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1 assimilate

Take up mentally.

synonyms: absorb, ingest, take in.

Roget 17: be similar etc. adj.; look like, resemble, bear resemblance; smack of, savor of, approximate; parallel, match, rhyme with; take after; imitate ... show more

Roget 23: be accordant etc. adj.; agree, accord, harmonize; correspond, tally, respond; meet, suit, fit, befit, ... show more

Roget 656: be salubrious etc. adj.; agree with; assimilate etc. 23.   

Roget 16: be uniform etc. adj.; accord with etc. 23; run through.    become uniform etc. adj.; conform to etc. 82.    render uniform, ... show more

2 assimilate

Become similar to one's environment.

Dutch: vergelijken

3 assimilate

Make similar.

4 assimilate

Take (gas, light or heat) into a solution.

synonym: imbibe.

5 assimilate

Become similar in sound.

Dutch: assimileren

Moby thesaurus: Americanize, Anglicize, ablate, absorb, accommodate, accommodate with, accord, acculturate, acculturize, adapt, adapt to, add, adjust, adjust to, admit, adopt, adsorb, affiliate, agree with, amalgamate ... show more.

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