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Roget category 639

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.2. Prospective volition
›› 5.2.2. Subservience to ends

#639. Sufficiency


sufficiency, adequacy, enough, withal, satisfaction, competenceno lessquantum sufficit [Lat.], Q.
S. mediocrity etc. (average) 29.
fillfullness etc. (completeness) 52plenitude, plentyabundance copiousness etc. adj. — amplitude, galore, lots, profusionfull measuregood measure pressed down and running, over." luxuriance etc. (fertility) 168affluence etc. (wealth) 803fat of the landa land flowing with milk and honey —" cornucopiahorn of plenty, horn of Amalthaeamine etc. (stock) 636.
outpouringflood etc. (great quantity) 31tide etc. (river) 348repletion etc. (redundancy) 641satiety etc. 869.


be sufficient etc. adj. — suffice, do, just do, satisfy, pass musterhave enough etc. n. — eat.
one's fill, drink one's fill, have one's fillroll in, swim inwallow in etc. (superabundance) 641wanton.
abound, exuberate, teem, flow, stream, rain, shower downpour, pour inswarmbristle withsuperabound.
render sufficient etc. adj. — replenish etc. (fill) 52.


sufficient, enough, adequate, up to the mark, commensurate, competent, satisfactory, valid, tangible.
measuredmoderate etc. (temperate) 953.
full, etc. (complete) 52ampleplenty, plentiful, plenteousplenty as blackberriescopious, abundantabounding etc. v. — replete, enough and to spare, flushchoke-full, chock-fullwell-stocked, well-providedliberalunstinted, unstintingstintlesswithout stintunsparing, unmeasuredlavish etc. 641wholesale.
richluxuriant etc. (fertile) 168affluent etc. (wealthy) 803wantlessbig with etc. (pregnant) 161.
unexhausted, unwastedexhaustless, inexhaustible.


sufficiently, amply etc.


fullin abundance etc. n.. with no sparing handto one's heart's content, ad libitum, without stint.


cut and come again" [Crabbe]; das Beste ist gut genug [G.].

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