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Roget category 495

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.5. Results of reasoning

#495. Error


error, fallacymisconception, misapprehension, misstanding, misunderstandinginexactness etc. adj. — laxitymisconstruction etc. (misinterpretation) 523miscomputation etc. (misjudgment) 481 non sequitur etc. 477mis-statement, mis-reportmumpsimus.
mistakemiss, fault, blunder, quiproquo, cross purposes, oversight, misprint, erratum, corrigendum, slip, blot, flaw, loose threadtrip, stumble etc. (failure) 732botchery etc. (want of skill) 699slip of the tongue, slip of the lip, Freudian slipslip of the penlapsus linguae [Lat.], clerical errorbull etc. (absurdity) 497haplography.
illusion, delusionsnarefalse impression, false ideabubbleself-decit, self-deception mists of error.
heresy etc. (heterodoxy) 984hallucination etc. (insanity) 503false light etc. (fallacy of vision) 443dream etc. (fancy) 515fable etc. (untruth) 546bias etc. (misjudgment) 481misleading etc. v..


be erroneous etc. adj.. cause errormislead, misguidelead astray, lead into errorbeguile, misinform etc. (misteach) 538deludegive a false impression, give a false ideafalsify, misstatedeceive etc. 545lie etc. 544.
errbe in error etc. adj., be mistaken etc. v. — be deceived etc. (duped) 547mistake, receive a false impression, deceive oneselffall into error, lie under error, labor under an error etc. n. — be in the wrong, blundermisapprehend, misconceive, misunderstand, misreckon, miscount, miscalculate etc. (misjudge) 481.
play at cross purposes, be at cross purposes etc. (misinterpret) 523.
trip, stumblelose oneself etc. (uncertainty) 475go astrayfail etc. 732be in the wrong boxtake the wrong sow by the ear etc. (mismanage) 699put the saddle on the wrong horsereckon without one's hosttake the shadow for the substance etc. (credulity) 486dream etc. (imagine) 515.


erroneous, untrue, false, devoid of truth, fallacious, apocryphal, unreal, ungrounded, groundlessunsubstantial etc. 4heretical etc. (heterodox) 984unsoundillogical etc. 477.
inexact, unexact inaccurate, incorrectindefinite etc. (uncertain) 475.
illusive, illusorydelusive mock, ideal etc. (imaginary) 515spurious etc. 545deceitful etc. 544perverted.
controvertible, unsustainableunauthenticated, untrustworthy.
exploded, refuteddiscarded.
in error, under an error etc. n. — mistaken etc. v. — tripping etc. v. — out, out in one's reckoningaberrantbeside the mark, wide of the mark, wide of the truth, way off, far offastray etc. (at fault) 475on a false scent, on the wrong scentin the wrong box, outside the ballparkat cross purposes, all in the wrongall out.


more or less.


errare est humanum [Lat.]mentis gratissimus error [Lat.] [Horace]; on the dubious waves of error tost" [Cowper]; to err is human, to forgive divine" [Pope]; you lie
under a mistake" [Shelley].

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