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1 drop

A shape that is spherical and small:
— He studied the shapes of low-viscosity drops.

synonyms: bead, pearl.

Roget 975: scourge, rod, cane, stick; ratan, rattan; birch, birch rod; azote, blacksnake, bullwhack [U.S.], chicote, kurbash, quirt, ... show more

Roget 142: cessation, discontinuance, desistance, desinence.    intermission, remission; suspense, suspension; interruption; stop; stopping etc. v.; closure, ... show more

Roget 959: drunkenness etc. adj.; intemperance; drinking etc. v.; inebriety, inebriation; ebriety, ebriosity; insobriety; intoxication; temulency, ... show more

Roget 599: the drama, the stage, the theater, the play; film the film, movies, motion pictures, cinema, cinematography; theatricals, dramaturgy, histrionic art, buskin, sock, ... show more

Roget 249: rotundity; roundness etc. adj.; cylindricity; sphericity, spheroidity; globosity.    cylinder, cylindroid, cylindrical; barrel, drum; roll, ... show more

Polish: kropelka, kropla

2 drop

A small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid):
— He had a drop too much to drink.
— A drop of each sample was analyzed.
— There is not a drop of pity in that man.

synonyms: drib, driblet.

Roget 32: smallness etc. adj.; littleness etc. (small size) 193; tenuity; paucity; fewness etc. (small number) 103; meanness, ... show more

Dutch: afgrond, drop, drup, druppel, parel, val, vallen
Polish: kropeleczka

3 drop

A sudden sharp decrease in some quantity:
— A drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index.
— There was a drop in pressure in the pulmonary artery.

synonyms: dip, fall, free fall.

Roget 306: descent, descension, declension, declination; fall; falling etc. v.; slump; drop, plunge, plummet, cadence; subsidence, ... show more

4 drop

A steep high face of rock:
— A steep drop.

synonyms: cliff, drop-off.

Dutch: klif, klip
Polish: faleza, klif

5 drop

A predetermined hiding place for the deposit and distribution of illicit goods (such as drugs or stolen property).

6 drop

A free and rapid descent by the force of gravity:
— It was a miracle that he survived the drop from that height.

synonym: fall.

Dutch: smak, val
Polish: upadnięcie, spadnięcie, padnięcie

7 drop

A curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies; often used as background scenery.

synonyms: drop cloth, drop curtain.

Dutch: rolscherm

8 drop

A central depository where things can be left or picked up.

9 drop

The act of dropping something.

Polish: upuszczanie


1 drop

Let fall to the ground.

Roget 158: be impotent etc. adj.; not have a leg to stand on.    vouloir rompre l'anguille au genou [Fr.], vouloir prendre la lune avec les dents [Fr.].    collapse, faint, swoon, fall into a swoon, drop; go by the board, go by the wayside; ... show more

Roget 624: relinquish, give up, abandon, desert, forsake, leave in the lurch; go back on; depart from, secede from, withdraw from; back out of; leave, quit, take leave of, ... show more

Roget 160: be weak etc. adj.; drop, crumble, give way, totter, tremble, shake, halt, limp, fade, languish, decline, ... show more

Roget 161: produce, perform, operate, do, make, gar, form, construct, fabricate, frame, contrive, manufacture; weave, ... show more

2 drop

To fall vertically.

3 drop

Go down in value.

4 drop

Fall or descend to a lower place or level.

synonyms: drop down, sink.

Roget 688: be fatigued etc. adj.; yawn etc. (get sleepy) 683; droop, sink, flag; lose breath, lose wind; gasp, pant, ... show more

Roget 306: descend; go down, drop down, come down; fall, gravitate, drop, slip, slide, rappel, settle; plunge, plummet, ... show more

Dutch: zakken, dalen, zinken, neervallen

5 drop

Terminate an association with.

6 drop

Utter with seeming casualness.

7 drop

Stop pursuing or acting:
— Drop a lawsuit.

synonym: knock off.

Dutch: kappen

8 drop

Remove (cargo, people, etc.) from and leave:
— Drop off the passengers at the hotel.

synonyms: discharge, drop off, put down, set down, unload.

Roget 730: not complete etc. 729; leave unfinished etc. adj., leave undone, drop, put down; neglect etc. 460; let alone, let slip; ... show more

Dutch: lossen, ontladen, uitladen

9 drop

Cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow.

synonyms: cut down, fell, strike down.

10 drop

Lose (a game).

11 drop

Pay out.

synonyms: expend, spend.

Dutch: verteren, spenderen, besteden, uitgeven

12 drop

Lower the pitch of (musical notes).

synonym: flatten.

Dutch: dalen

13 drop

Hang freely:
— The light dropped from the ceiling.

synonyms: dangle, swing.

Dutch: bengelen, bungelen

14 drop

Stop associating with:
— They dropped her after she had a child out of wedlock.

synonyms: dismiss, send away, send packing.

15 drop

Let or cause to fall in drops.

synonyms: dribble, drip.

Roget 348: flow, run; meander; gush, pour, spout, roll, jet, well, issue; drop, drip, dribble, plash, ... show more

Dutch: druppelen, dribbelen

16 drop

Get rid of.

synonyms: cast, cast off, shake off, shed, throw, throw away, throw off.

Roget 782: relinquish, give up, surrender, yield, cede; let go, let slip; spare, drop, resign, forego, renounce, abandon, expropriate, ... show more

17 drop

Take (a drug, especially LSD), by mouth.

18 drop

Omit (a letter or syllable) in speaking or writing.

19 drop

Leave undone or leave out.

synonyms: leave out, miss, neglect, omit, overleap, overlook, pretermit.

Dutch: overslaan, overspringen, skippen, verwaarlozen, weglaten

20 drop

Change from one level to another.

21 drop

Fall or sink into a state of exhaustion or death.

22 drop

Grow worse.

synonyms: degenerate, deteriorate, devolve.

Dutch: degenereren, maken, verarmen, verslechteren

23 drop

Give birth; used for animals.

Dutch: werpen

Moby thesaurus: abandon, abate, abdicate, abeyance, abjure, ablate, acknowledge defeat, act drop, advantage, asbestos, asbestos board, ascend, ax, backdrop, backslide, balm, balsam, bank, bate, batten ... show more.

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