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1 fetch

The action of fetching.

Roget 545: deception; falseness etc. 544; untruth etc. 546; imposition, imposture; fraud, deceit, guile; fraudulence, fraudulency; ... show more

Polish: aport


1 fetch

Go or come after and bring or take back:
— The dog fetched the hat.

synonyms: bring, convey, get.

Roget 270: transfer, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, translocate; convey, carry, bear, fetch and carry; carry over, ferry over; hand pass, forward; ... show more

Roget 292: arrive; get to, come to; come; reach, attain; come up with, come up to; overtake, make, fetch; complete etc. 729; ... show more

Dutch: halen

2 fetch

Be sold for a certain price:
— The old print fetched a high price at the auction.

synonyms: bring, bring in.

Roget 812: bear a price, set a price, fix a price; appraise, assess, doom [U.S.], price, charge, demand, ask, require, exact, run up; ... show more

Dutch: halen

3 fetch

Take away or remove.

Moby thesaurus: Doppelganger, accomplish, achieve, afford, amount to, appeal, approach, approach anchorage, arrive, arrive at, arrive in, art, artful dodge, artifice, attain, attain to, attract, bag of tricks, bang, bash ... show more.

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