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1 wave

One of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water).

synonym: moving ridge.

Roget 341: sea, ocean, main, deep, brine, salt water, waves, billows, high seas, offing, great waters, watery waste, vasty deep;" wave, ... show more

Roget 348: running water.    jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau [Fr.]; sluice.    water spout, water fall; ... show more

Dutch: golf
Polish: fala

2 wave

A movement like that of a sudden occurrence or increase in a specified phenomenon.

Polish: machnięcie, wymach

3 wave

physics A movement up and down or back and forth.

synonym: undulation.

Roget 248: winding etc. v.; convolution, involution, circumvolution; wave, undulation, tortuosity, anfractuosity; sinuosity, sinuation; meandering, ... show more

Roget 314: oscillation; vibration, libration; motion of a pendulum; nutation; undulation; pulsation; pulse.    alternation; coming and going etc. v.; ebb and flow, flux and reflux, ... show more

Dutch: golf
Polish: fala

4 wave

Something that rises rapidly.

5 wave

The act of signaling by a movement of the hand.

synonyms: wafture, waving.

6 wave

A hairdo that creates undulations in the hair.

7 wave

An undulating curve.

synonym: undulation.

Dutch: golflijn

8 wave

A persistent and widespread unusual weather condition (especially of unusual temperatures).

9 Wave

A member of the women's reserve of the United States Navy; originally organized during World War II but now no longer a separate branch.


1 wave

Signal with the hands or nod:
— She waved to her friends.
— He waved his hand hospitably.

synonym: beckon.

Dutch: wuiven

2 wave

Move or swing back and forth:
— She waved her gun.

synonyms: brandish, flourish.

Dutch: wapperen, zwenken, zwaaien

3 wave

Move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion:
— The waves rolled towards the beach.

synonyms: flap, roll, undulate.

Roget 314: oscillate; vibrate, librate; alternate, undulate, wave; rock, swing; pulsate, beat; wag, waggle; nod, bob, ... show more

Roget 248: be convoluted etc. adj.; wind, twine, turn and twist, twirl; wave, undulate, meander; inosculate; entwine, intwine; twist, ... show more

4 wave

Twist or roll into coils or ringlets.

synonym: curl.

5 wave

Set waves in.

Moby thesaurus: Afro, accost, address, advertise, affect, air, ambages, amplitude, anfractuosity, antinode, barber, be poised, beat, beat the drum, betoken, bicker, billow, blazon forth, bob, bobble ... show more.

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