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carry on


1 carry on

Direct the course of; manage or control.

synonyms: conduct, deal.

Roget 692: transact [cause to occur], execute; despatch, dispatch; proceed with, discharge; carry on, carry through, carry out, carry into effect, put into effect; work out; go through, ... show more

Roget 622: pursue, prosecute, follow; run after, make after, be after, hunt after, prowl after; shadow; carry on etc. (do) 680; engage in ... show more

Roget 680: do, perform, execute; achieve etc. (complete) 729; transact, enact; commit, perpetrate, inflict; exercise, prosecute, ... show more

2 carry on

Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last:
— Carry on the old traditions.

synonyms: bear on, continue, preserve, uphold.

Roget 143: continue, persist; go on, jog on, keep on, run on, hold on; abide, keep, pursue, stick to its course, take its course, maintain its course; carry on, ... show more

Dutch: blijven, continueren, doorgaan, overgaan, staande houden, vervolgen, voortbouwen, voortgaan, voortzetten

3 carry on

Continue talking:
— Carry on--pretend we are not in the room.

synonyms: continue, go on, proceed.

4 carry on

Misbehave badly; act in a silly or improper way.

synonym: act up.

Moby thesaurus: abide, act up, antic, assault, attack, barbarize, batter, be enthusiastic, be livid, be patient, be pissed, be responsible for, bear with composure, behave ill, bide, bluster, boil, browned off, brutalize, bubble over ... show more.

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