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1 usage

The act of using.

synonyms: employment, exercise, use, utilisation, utilization.

Roget 677: use; employ, employment; exercise, exercitation; application, appliance; adhibition, disposal; consumption; agency etc. (physical) 170; ... show more

Dutch: benutting, gebruik, nut
Polish: korzystanie, posługiwanie się, stosowanie, używanie, wykorzystywanie

2 usage

Accepted or habitual practice.

synonyms: custom, usance.

Roget 613: habit, habitude; assuetude, assuefaction, wont; run, way.    common state of things, general state of things, natural state of things, ordinary state of things, ordinary course of things, ordinary run of things; matter of course; ... show more

Dutch: manieren, gebruiken, gebruik, geplogenheid, gewoonte, mos, praktijk, usantie, usus
Polish: formuła, obyczaj, usus, uzus, zwyczaj

3 usage

The customary manner in which a language (or a form of a language) is spoken or written.

Moby thesaurus: acceptance, acceptation, acception, active use, adjectival phrase, antonym, appliance, application, articulation, automatism, bad habit, bon ton, care, ceremony, characteristic, choice, choice of words, clause, composition, conformity ... show more.

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