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1 repeat

An event that repeats:
— The events today were a repeat of yesterday's.

synonym: repetition.

Dutch: herhalen, da capo, doublure, herhaling, iteratie


1 repeat

To say, state, or perform again.

synonyms: ingeminate, iterate, reiterate, restate, retell.

Roget 505: remember, mind; retain the memory of, retain the remembrance of; keep in view.    recognize, recollect, bethink oneself, recall, call up, retrace; look back, trace back, ... show more

Roget 535: assert; make an assertion etc. n.; have one's say; say, affirm, predicate, declare, state; protest, profess.    put forth, ... show more

Roget 613: be wont etc. adj.. fall into a rut, fall into a custom etc. (conform to) 82; tread the beaten track, follow the beaten track, tread the beaten path, follow the beaten; stare super antiquas vias [Lat.]; move in a rut, ... show more

Roget 104: repeat, iterate, reiterate, reproduce, echo, reecho, drum, harp upon, battologize, hammer, redouble.    recur, revert, return, ... show more

Roget 163: reproduce; restore etc. 660; revive, renovate, renew, regenerate, revivify, resuscitate, reanimate; remake, refashion, ... show more

Dutch: echo├źn, herhalen, nazeggen

2 repeat

Make or do or perform again.

synonyms: double, duplicate, reduplicate, replicate.

Roget 90: double, redouble, duplicate, reduplicate; geminate; repeat etc. 104; renew etc. 660.   

Dutch: herhalen, itereren, overdoen, wederhalen

3 repeat

Happen or occur again.

synonym: recur.

Dutch: herhalen, terugkeren, wederkeren, wederkomen, weerkeren, weerkomen

4 repeat

To say again or imitate.

synonym: echo.

Roget 19: imitate, copy, mirror, reflect, reproduce, repeat; do like, echo, reecho, catch; transcribe; match, parallel.    ... show more

5 repeat

Do over.

synonym: take over.

6 repeat

Repeat an earlier theme of a composition.

synonyms: recapitulate, reprise, reprize.

Moby thesaurus: act like, affect, alternate, assume, be here again, bis, bob, borrow, burden, chant, chime, chorus, circle, come again, come and go, come around, come round, come round again, come up again, commit to memory ... show more.

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