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1 pray

Address a deity, a prophet, a saint or an object of worship; say a prayer.

Roget 990: worship, lift up the heart, aspire; revere etc. 928; adore, do service, pay homage; humble oneself, kneel; bow the knee, bend the knee; fall down, ... show more

2 pray

Call upon in supplication; entreat.

synonyms: beg, implore.

Roget 765: request, ask; beg, crave, sue, pray, petition, solicit, invite, pop the question, make bold to ask; beg leave, beg a boon; ... show more

Dutch: afsmeken, bidden, smeken, suppliƫren


Roget 765: prithee, do, please, pray; be so good as, be good enough; have the goodness, vouchsafe, will you, I pray thee, if you please.   

Moby thesaurus: I beg you, adjure, appeal, appeal to, apply to, ask, be good enough, beg, beseech, brace, call for help, call on, call upon, circulate a petition, clamor for, commune with God, conjure, crave, cry for, cry on ... show more.

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