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Roget category 544

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.9. Modes of communication

#544. Falsehood


falsehood, falseness falsity, falsificationdeception etc. 545untruth etc. 546guilelying etc. 454untruth etc. 546guilelying etc. v.. misrepresentationmendacity, perjury, false swearingforgery, invention, fabricationsubreptioncovin.
perversion of truth, suppression of truthsuppressio veri [Lat.]perversion, distortion, false coloringexaggeration etc. 549prevarication, equivocation, shuffling, fencing, evasion, fraudsuggestio falsi etc. (lie) 546 [Lat.]mystification etc. (concealment) 528simulation etc. (imitation) 19dissimulation, dissemblingdeceitblague.
shampretense, pretending, malingering.
lip homage, lip servicemouth honorhollownessmere show, mere outsideduplicity, double dealing, insincerity, hypocrisy, cant, humbugjesuitism, jesuitrypharisaismMachiavelism, organized hypocrisy —" crocodile tears, mealy-mouthedness, quackerycharlatanism, charlatanrygammonbun-kum, bumcombe, flambam [Slang], flimflam, cajolery, flatteryJudas kissperfidy etc. (bad faith) 940il volto sciolto i pensieri stretti [It].
unfairness etc. (dishonesty) 940artfulness etc. (cunning) 702misstatement etc. (error) 495.


be false etc. adj., be a liar etc. 548speak falsely etc. adv. — tell a lie etc. 546lie, fiblie like a trooperswear false, forswear, perjure oneself, bear false witness.
misstate, misquote, miscite, misreport, misrepresentbelie, falsify, pervert, distortput a false construction upon etc. (misinterpret); prevaricate, equivocate, quibblepalter, palter to the understandingrepondre en Normand [Fr.]trim, shuffle, fence, mince the truth, beat about the bush, blow hot and cold, play fast and loose.
garble, gloss over, disguise, give a color togive a gloss, put a gloss, put false coloring uponcolor, varnish, cook, dress up, embroidervarnish right and puzzle wrongexaggerate etc. 549blague.
invent, fabricatetrump up, get upforce, fake, hatch, concoctromance etc. (imagine) 515cry 'wolf!'.
dissemble, dissimulatefeign, assume, put on, pretend, make believeplay possumplay false, play a double gamecoquetact a part, play a partaffect etc. 855simulate, pass off forcounterfeit, sham, make a show ofmalingersay the grapes are sour.
cant, play the hypocrite, sham Abraham, faire pattes de velours, put on the mask, clean the outside of the platter, lie like a conjurorhand out false colors, hold out false colors, sail under false colorscommend the poisoned chalice to the lips" [Macbeth]; ambiguas in vulgum spargere voces [Lat.]deceive etc. 545.


false, deceitful, mendacious, unveracious, fraudulent, dishonest, faithless, truthless, trothlessunfair, uncandidhollow-heartedevasiveuningenuous, disingenuoushollow, sincere, Parthis mendaciorforsworn.
artificial, contrivedcantinghypocritical, jesuitical, pharisaicaltartuffishMachiaveliandouble, double tongued, double faced, double handed, double minded, double hearted, double dealingJanus facedsmooth-faced, smooth spoken, smooth tonguedplausiblemealy-mouthedaffected etc. 855.
collusive, collusoryartful etc. (cunning) 702perfidious etc. 940spurious etc. (deceptive) 545untrue etc. 546falsified etc. v. — covinous.


falsely etc. adj. — a la tartufe, with a double tonguesilly etc. (cunning) 702.


blandae mendacia lingua [Lat.]falsus in uno falsus in omnibus [Lat.]I give him joy that's awkward at a lie" [Young]; la mentira tiene las piernas cortas [Sp.]O what a goodly outside falsehood hath" [Merchant of Venice].

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