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1 arrangement

The thing arranged or agreed to:
— They made arrangements to meet in Chicago.

synonym: agreement.

Roget 723: pacification, conciliation; reconciliation, reconcilement; shaking of hands, accommodation, arrangement, adjustment; terms, compromise; amnesty, deed of release.    peace offering; olive branch; ... show more

Roget 807: payment, defrayment; discharge; acquittance, quittance; settlement, clearance, liquidation, satisfaction, reckoning, arrangement.    acknowledgment, release; receipt, ... show more

Roget 673: preparation; providing etc. v.; provision, providence; anticipation etc. (foresight) 510; precaution, preconcertation, predisposition; ... show more

Dutch: afspraak

2 arrangement

An orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging.

Dutch: afspraak, ordening, rangschikking, regeling
Polish: kombinacja, kompozycja, konfiguracja, zestaw, zestrój

3 arrangement

An organized structure for arranging or classifying:
— He changed the arrangement of the topics.

synonyms: organisation, organization, system.

Roget 58: order, regularity, uniformity, symmetry, lucidus ordo [Lat.]; music of the spheres.    gradation, progression; series etc. (continuity) 69.    subordination; course, ... show more

Roget 60: arrangement; plan etc. 626; preparation etc. 673; disposal, disposition; collocation, allocation; distribution; sorting etc. ... show more

Dutch: bestel, inrichting, organisatie, organisme, stelsel, systeem

4 arrangement

The spatial property of the way in which something is placed:
— The arrangement of the furniture.

synonym: placement.

5 arrangement

A piece of music that has been adapted for performance by a particular set of voices or instruments.

synonym: musical arrangement.

Dutch: arrangement, zetting
Polish: aranż, aranżacja

6 arrangement

The act of arranging and adapting a piece of music.

synonyms: arranging, transcription.

Dutch: arrangement, bewerking, regeling
Polish: aranżacja

Moby thesaurus: Nachtmusik, abatement of differences, absolute music, accommodation, accord, adaptation, adjunct, adjustment, adornment, affair, agreement, air varie, aleatory, aleatory music, alignment, analysis, anatomy, appointment, approach, architectonics ... show more.

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