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1 jilt

A woman who jilts a lover.

Roget 548: deceiver etc. (deceive) etc. 545; dissembler, hypocrite; sophist, Pharisee, Jesuit, Mawworm, Pecksniff, Joseph Surface, Tartufe, ... show more

Polish: baƂamutnica


1 jilt

Cast aside capriciously or unfeelingly.

Roget 509: be disappointed; look blank, look blue; look aghast, stand aghast etc. (wonder) 870; find to one's cost; laugh on the wrong side of one's mouth; find one a false prophet.    not realize one's hope, not realize one's expectation.    ... show more

Roget 545: deceive, take in; defraud, cheat, jockey, do, cozen, diddle, nab, chouse, play one false, bilk, cully, jilt, ... show more

Roget 940: be dishonest etc. adj.; play false; break one's word, break one's faith, break one's promise; jilt, betray, forswear; shuffle etc. (lie) 544; ... show more

Dutch: verlaten

Moby thesaurus: Artful Dodger, Casanova, Don Juan, Machiavel, Machiavelli, Machiavellian, abandon, actor, back out, bamboozler, befuddler, beg off, beguiler, cast, cast aside, cast away, cast off, charmer, chuck, counterfeiter ... show more.

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