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1 Fry

English painter and art critic (1866-1934).

synonyms: Roger Eliot Fry, Roger Fry.

2 Fry

English dramatist noted for his comic verse dramas (born 1907).

synonym: Christopher Fry.

3 fry

A young person of either sex.

synonyms: child, kid, minor, nestling, nipper, shaver, small fry, tiddler, tike, tyke ... show more.

Roget 129: infant, babe, baby, babe in arms; nurseling, suckling, yearling, weanling; papoose, bambino; kid; vagitus.    child, bairn [Scot.], ... show more

Roget 102: multitude; numerous etc. adj.; numerosity, numerality; multiplicity; profusion etc. (plenty) 639; legion, host; great number, ... show more

Dutch: ding, jongeling, jongere, kind, minderjarige
Polish: dzieciÄ™, dziecko


1 fry

Be excessively hot.

Roget 384: heat, warm, chafe, stive, foment; make hot etc. 382; sun oneself, sunbathe.    go up in flames, burn to the ground (flame) 382.    ... show more

2 fry

Cook on a hot surface using fat.

Dutch: bakken, braden

3 fry

Kill by electrocution, as in the electric chair.

synonym: electrocute.

Roget 972: punish; chastise, chasten; castigate, correct, inflict punishment, administer correction, deal retributive justice; cowhide, lambaste [Slang].    visit upon, pay; pay out, serve out; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Loch Ness monster, alevin, bake, barbecue, baste, be in heat, benthon, benthos, blanch, blaze, bloom, boil, braise, brew, broil, brood, brown, burn, casserole, cetacean ... show more.

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