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1 ditch

A long narrow excavation in the earth.

Roget 717: defense, protection, guard, ward; shielding etc. v.; propugnation, preservation etc. 670; guardianship.    area defense; ... show more

Roget 232: inclosure, envelope; case etc. (receptacle) 191; wrapper; girdle etc. 230.    pen, fold; pen fold, in fold, ... show more

Roget 259: furrow, groove, rut, sulcus [Anat.], scratch, streak, striae, crack, score, incision, slit; chamfer, fluting; ... show more

Roget 343: land covered with water, gulf, gulph, bay, inlet, bight, estuary, arm of the sea, bayou [U.S.], fiord, armlet; frith, firth, ostiary, ... show more

Roget 350: conduit, channel, duct, watercourse, race; head race, tail race; abito, aboideau, aboiteau [Fr.], bito; acequia, acequiador, acequiamadre; ... show more

Dutch: greppel, sloot
Polish: przykop, rów, kanał, wykop

2 ditch

Any small natural waterway.

Dutch: sloot


1 ditch


2 ditch

Throw away.

synonym: chuck.

3 ditch

Sever all ties with, usually unceremoniously or irresponsibly.

synonym: dump.

4 ditch

Make an emergency landing on water.

5 ditch

Crash or crash-land.

6 ditch

Cut a trench in, as for drainage:
— Ditch the land to drain it.

synonym: trench.

Moby thesaurus: abandon, abri, abysm, abyss, adit, alight, approach trench, aqueduct, arch dam, arroyo, backstop, bamboo curtain, bank, bar, barrage, barrier, bear-trap dam, beaver dam, beg, boom ... show more.

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