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Roget category 142

1. Words expressing abstract relations
1.7. Change
›› 1.7.1. Simple change

#142. [Change from action to rest.] Cessation


cessation, discontinuance, desistance, desinence.
intermission, remissionsuspense, suspensioninterruptionstopstopping etc. v. — closure, stoppage, haltarrival etc. 292.
pause, rest, lull, respite, truce, drop interregnum, abeyancecloture [U.S.].
dead stop, dead stand, dead lockfinis, cerrado [Sp.]blowout, burnout, meltdown, disintegrationcomma, colon, semicolon, period, full stopend etc. 67death etc. 360.


cease, discontinue, desist, stay, haltbreak off, leave offhold, stop, pull up, stop shortstick, hang firehaltpause, restburn out, blow out, melt down.
have done with, give over, surcease, shut up shopgive up etc. (relinquish) 624.
hold one's hand, stay one's handrest on one's oars repose on one's laurels.
come to a stand, come to a standstillcome to a deadlock, come to a full stoparrive etc. 292go out, die awaywear away, wear offpass away etc. (be past) 122be at an enddisintegrate, self-destruct.
intromit, interrupt, suspend, interpelintermit, remitput an end to, put a stop to, put a period toderailturn off, switch off, power down, deactivate, disconnectbring to a stand, bring to a standstillstop, cut short, arrest, stem the tide, stem the torrentpull the check-string, pull the plug on.


hold!, stop!, enough!, avast!, have done!, a truce to!, soft!, leave off!, tenez! [Fr.],


I pause for a reply" [Julius Caesar].

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