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1 save

sports The act of preventing the opposition from scoring.


1 save

Save from ruin, destruction, or harm.

synonyms: relieve, salvage, salve.

2 save

To keep up and reserve for personal or special use:
— She saved the old family photographs in a drawer.

synonym: preserve.

Roget 670: preserve, maintain, keep, sustain, support, hold; keep up, keep alive; refrigerate, keep on ice; not willingly let die; bank up; nurse; ... show more

Roget 636: store; put by, lay by, set by; stow away; set apart, lay apart; store treasure, hoard treasure, lay up, heap up, put up, garner up, save up; ... show more

Dutch: openhouden, vrijhouden

3 save

Bring into safety.

synonyms: bring through, carry through, pull through.

Dutch: redden

4 save

Spend less; buy at a reduced price.

5 save

Accumulate money for future use:
— He saves half his salary.

synonyms: lay aside, save up.

Dutch: sparen

6 save

Make unnecessary an expenditure or effort:
— This will save money.
— I'll save you the trouble.
— This will save you a lot of time.

synonym: make unnecessary.

7 save

Save from sins.

synonyms: deliver, redeem.

Roget 672: deliver, extricate, rescue, save, emancipate, redeem, ransom; bring off, bring through; tirer d'affaire [Fr.], get the wheel out of the rut, snatch from the jaws of death, come to the rescue; rid; ... show more

Roget 976: create, move, uphold, preserve, govern &c.; atone, redeem, save, propitiate, mediate, &c.; predestinate, ... show more

Dutch: bevrijden, vrijkopen

8 save

Refrain from harming.

synonym: spare.

9 save

Spend sparingly, avoid the waste of:
— This move will save money.

synonyms: economise, economize.

Roget 817: be economical etc. adj.; practice economy; economize, save; retrench, cut back expenses, cut expenses; cut one's coat according to one's cloth, make both ends meet, keep within compass, meet one's expenses, pay one's way, ... show more

10 save

Retain rights to.

synonyms: hold open, keep, keep open.

11 save

Record data on a computer.

synonym: write.


Roget 55: exclusive of, barring; except; with the exception of; save; bating.   

Roget 38: in deduction etc. n.; less; short of; minus, without, except, except for, excepting, with the exception of, barring, save, exclusive of, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: abet, abstain, accumulate, aid, amass, anticipate, aside from, assist, avail, avert, backlog, bail out, bar, barring, bear a hand, befriend, benefit, beside, besides, bottle up ... show more.

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