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1 gleam

An appearance of reflected light.

synonyms: gleaming, glow, lambency.

Roget 32: smallness etc. adj.; littleness etc. (small size) 193; tenuity; paucity; fewness etc. (small number) 103; meanness, ... show more

Roget 420: light, ray, beam, stream, gleam, streak, pencil; sunbeam, moonbeam; aurora.    day; sunshine; light of day, light of heaven; ... show more

Dutch: flonkering, fonkeling, glinstering, gloed, schijn, schijnsel, schittering
Polish: odblaskowość

2 gleam

A flash of light (especially reflected light).

synonyms: gleaming, glimmer.

Polish: ognik


1 gleam

Be shiny, as if wet.

synonyms: glint, glisten, glitter, shine.

Roget 420: shine, glow, glitter; glister, glisten; twinkle, gleam; flare, flare up; glare, beam, shimmer, glimmer, flicker, ... show more

2 gleam

Shine brightly, like a star or a light.

synonym: glimmer.

3 gleam

Appear briefly.

Moby thesaurus: beam, burn, coruscation, flare, flash, flicker, glance, glare, glimmer, glint, glisten, glitter, glow, hint, indication, inkling, light, look, radiate, ray ... show more.

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