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1 plunk

A hollow twanging sound.

2 plunk

baseball Hitting a baseball so that it drops suddenly.

synonym: plunker.


1 plunk

Make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground.

synonyms: clop, clump, clunk.

2 plunk

Set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise.

synonyms: flump, plank, plonk, plop, plump, plump down, plunk down.

Dutch: neerploffen, neervallen, neerzakken, neerzinken

3 plunk

Drop steeply.

synonyms: dive, plunge.

Dutch: plompen, plonzen

4 plunk

Pull lightly but sharply with a plucking motion.

synonyms: pick, pluck.


1 plunk

With a short hollow thud.

synonym: plop.

Moby thesaurus: abruptly, bang, bash, bat, beating, belt, biff, blow, bonk, bump, cast, chink, chop, chuck, clap, click, clink, clip, clobber, clop ... show more.

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