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1 dam

A barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea.

synonyms: dike, dyke.

Roget 706: prevention, preclusion, obstruction, stoppage; embolus, embolism [Med.]; infarct [Med.]; interruption, interception, interclusion; hindrance, impedition; retardment, ... show more

Roget 166: paternity; parentage; consanguinity etc. 11.    parent; father, sire, dad, papa, paterfamilias, abba; genitor, progenitor, ... show more

Roget 343: land covered with water, gulf, gulph, bay, inlet, bight, estuary, arm of the sea, bayou [U.S.], fiord, armlet; frith, firth, ostiary, ... show more

Dutch: sloot, stuwdam, dam, dijk, waterdam, waterkering
Polish: tama, zapora, zapora wodna

2 dam

A metric unit of length equal to ten meters.

synonyms: decameter, decametre, dekameter, dekametre, dkm.

Dutch: DKM
Polish: dam, dekametr

3 dam

Female parent of an animal especially domestic livestock.


1 dam

Obstruct with, or as if with, a dam:
— Dam the gorges of the Yangtse River.

synonym: dam up.

Roget 261: close, occlude, plug; block up, stop up, fill up, bung up, cork up, button up, stuff up, shut up, dam up; blockade, ... show more

Roget 348: flow, run; meander; gush, pour, spout, roll, jet, well, issue; drop, drip, dribble, plash, ... show more

Dutch: afdammen, bedijken, indijken

Moby thesaurus: arch dam, arrest, artificial lake, backstop, bamboo curtain, bank, bar, barrage, barrier, bayou lake, bear-trap dam, beaver dam, bind, block, block up, blockade, boom, bottle up, brake, breakwater ... show more.

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