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1 microbe

A minute life form (especially a disease-causing bacterium); the term is not in technical use.

synonyms: bug, germ.

Roget 366: animal, animal kingdom; fauna; brute creation.    beast, brute, creature, critter [U.S.]; wight, created being; creeping thing, living thing; dumb animal, ... show more

Roget 193: littleness etc. adj.; smallness etc. (of quantity) 32; exiguity, inextension; parvitude, parvity; duodecimo; Elzevir edition, ... show more

Roget 359: life, vitality, viability; animation; vital spark, vital flame, soul, spirit.    respiration, wind; breath of life, breath of one's nostrils; oxygen, air.    ... show more

Dutch: beestje, insect, microbe, zaadkiem
Polish: bakcyl

Moby thesaurus: adenovirus, aerobe, aerobic bacteria, aerobic organism, amoeba, anaerobe, anaerobic bacteria, anaerobic organism, autotrophic organism, bacillus, bacteria, bacterium, being, bug, coccus, creature, crumb, disease-producing microorganism, dot, drop ... show more.

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