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cave in


1 cave in

The sudden collapse of something into a hollow beneath it.

synonym: subsidence.

Dutch: verzakking


1 cave in

Break down, literally or metaphorically.

synonyms: break, collapse, fall in, founder, give, give way.

Roget 252: be concave etc. adj.; retire, cave in.    render concave etc. adj.; depress, hollow; scoop, scoop out; gouge, ... show more

Roget 304: 303, come short of, fall short of, stop short of, come short, fall short, stop short; not reach; want; keep within bounds, keep within the mark, keep within the compass.    break down, stick in the mud, ... show more

Roget 725: succumb, submit, yeild, bend, resign, defer to.    lay down one's arms, deliver up one's arms; lower colors, haul down colors, strike one's flag, strike colors.    surrender, surrender at discretion; ... show more

Dutch: meegeven

Moby thesaurus: back down, bowl, breach, break, break down, break in, break into, break off combat, break open, break through, breakdown, breaking up, breakup, burst in, bust in, cataclysm, catastrophe, cave, cease resistance, collapse ... show more.

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