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blow up


1 blow up

Cause to burst with a violent release of energy.

synonyms: detonate, explode, set off.

Roget 824: excite, affect, touch, move, impress, strike, interest, animate, inspire, impassion, smite, infect; stir the blood, fire the blood, ... show more

Roget 406: rap, snap, tap, knock, ping; click; clash; crack, crackle; crash; pop; slam, bang, blast, ... show more

Roget 162: be destroyed &c.; perish; fall to the ground; tumble, topple; go to pieces, fall to pieces; break up; crumble to dust; go to the dogs, go to the wall, go to smash, go to shivers, ... show more

Roget 932: disapprove; dislike etc. 867; lament etc. 839; object to, take exception to; be scandalized at, think ill of; view with disfavor, view with dark eyes, view with jaundiced eyes; ... show more

2 blow up

Make large:
— Blow up an image.

synonyms: enlarge, magnify.

Dutch: vergroten

3 blow up

Get very angry and fly into a rage.

synonyms: blow a fuse, blow one's stack, combust, flip one's lid, flip one's wig, fly off the handle, go ballistic, have a fit, have kittens, hit the ceiling ... show more.

Roget 173: be violent etc. adj.; run high; ferment, effervesce; romp, rampage, go on a rampage; run wild, run amuck, run riot; break the peace; rush, ... show more

Dutch: een toeval krijgen

4 blow up

Add details to.

synonyms: aggrandise, aggrandize, dramatise, dramatize, embellish, embroider, lard, pad.

Dutch: verheerlijken

5 blow up

Burst and release energy as through a violent chemical or physical reaction.

synonyms: detonate, explode.

6 blow up

Exaggerate or make bigger.

synonyms: amplify, expand, inflate.

Roget 349: blow, waft; blow hard, blow great guns, blow a hurricane etc. n.; wuther; stream, issue.    respire, breathe, puff; ... show more

Roget 194: become larger etc. (large) etc. 192; expand, widen, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, incrassate, swell, gather; ... show more

7 blow up

Fill with gas or air.

synonym: inflate.

Dutch: opblazen

8 blow up

To swell or cause to enlarge.

synonyms: puff, puff out, puff up.


Roget 932: disapprobation, disapproval; improbation; disesteem, disvaluation, displacency; odium; dislike etc. 867.    dispraise, discommendation; blame, censure, ... show more

Roget 173: violence, inclemency, vehemence, might, impetuosity; boisterousness etc. adj.; effervescence, ebullition; turbulence, bluster; uproar, callithump [U.S.], ... show more

Moby thesaurus: accelerate, add to, adulate, aggrandize, aggravate, amplify, annoy, apotheosize, arouse, augment, awake, awaken, backfire, be angry, be excitable, beef up, belaud, belie, bellow, bepraise ... show more.

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