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1 drape

Hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window).

synonyms: curtain, drapery, mantle, pall.

Dutch: doek, gordijn, lijkkleed, voorhangsel
Polish: zasłona

2 drape

The manner in which fabric hangs or falls.

3 drape

A sterile covering arranged over a patient's body during a medical examination or during surgery in order to reduce the possibility of contamination.


1 drape

Arrange in a particular way.

2 drape

Place casually.

3 drape

Cover as if with clothing.

synonyms: cloak, clothe, robe.

Roget 225: invest; cover etc. 223; envelope, lap, involve; inwrap, enwrap; wrap; fold up, wrap up, lap up, muffle up; ... show more

Dutch: kleden

4 drape

Cover or dress loosely with cloth.

Moby thesaurus: adorn, apparel, array, attire, awning, bag, beach umbrella, bedeck, bedrape, blanket, blind, bundle up, cascade, cloak, clothe, coat, cover, coverage, covering, covert ... show more.

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