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Roget category 308

2. Words relating to space
2.4. Motion
›› 2.4.4. Motion with reference to direction

#308. Depression


lowering etc. v. — depressiondip etc. (concavity) 252abasementdetrusionreduction.
overthrow, overset, overturnupsetprostration, subversion, precipitation.
bowcourtesy, curtsygenuflexion, genuflection, kowtow, obeisance, salaam.


depress, lower, let down, take down, let down a peg, take down a pegcastlet drop, let fallsink, debase, bring low, abase, reduce, detrude, pitch, precipitate.
overthrow, overturn, oversetupset, subvert, prostate, level, fellcast down, take down, throw down, fling down, dash down, pull down, cut down, knock down, hew downraze, raze to the ground, rase to the groundtrample in the dust, pull about one's ears.
sit, sit downcouch, squat, crouch, stoop, bend, bowcourtesy, curtsybob, duck, dip, kneelbend the knee, bow the knee, bend the head, bow the headcowerrecline etc. (be horizontal) 213.


depressed etc. v. — at a low ebbprostrate etc. (horizontal) 213detrusive.


facinus quos inquinat aequat [Lat.] [Lucan].

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