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1 rest

Something left after other parts have been taken away:
— He threw away the rest.

synonyms: balance, remainder, residual, residue, residuum.

Roget 40: remainder, residue; remains, remanent, remnant, rest, relic; leavings, heeltap, odds and ends, cheesepairings, candle ends, orts; residuum; ... show more

Roget 681: inaction, passiveness, abstinence from action; noninterference, nonintervention; Fabian policy, conservative policy; neglect etc. 460.    inactivity etc. 683; ... show more

Roget 413: melody, rhythm, measure; rhyme etc. (poetry) 597.    pitch, timbre, intonation, tone.    scale, gamut; ... show more

Roget 215: support, ground, foundation, base, basis; terra firma; bearing, fulcrum, bait [U.S.], caudex crib; point d'appui [Fr.], pou sto [Gr.], purchase footing, hold, ... show more

Dutch: residu
Polish: reszta

2 rest

Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility).

synonyms: ease, relaxation, repose.

Roget 687: repose, rest, silken repose; sleep etc. 683.    relaxation, breathing time; halt, stay, pause etc. (cessation) ... show more

Roget 265: rest; stillness etc. adj.; quiescence; stagnation, stagnancy; fixity, immobility, catalepsy; indisturbance; quietism.    quiet, ... show more

Dutch: nachtrust
Polish: zrelaksowanie, odprężenie, wyluzowanie, rozluźnienie

3 rest

A pause for relaxation:
— People actually accomplish more when they take time for short rests.

synonyms: relief, respite, rest period.

Roget 142: cessation, discontinuance, desistance, desinence.    intermission, remission; suspense, suspension; interruption; stop; stopping etc. v.; closure, ... show more

4 rest

A state of inaction.

Dutch: stilstand
Polish: nieruchomość, bezruch, spoczynek, nieruch

5 rest

Euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb):
— She was laid to rest beside her husband.

synonyms: eternal rest, eternal sleep, quietus, sleep.

Roget 360: death; decease, demise; dissolution, departure, obit, release, rest, quietus, fall; loss, bereavement; mortality, ... show more

Dutch: kwijtschelding

6 rest

A support on which things can be put.

Dutch: rest, rust, stilstand
Polish: oparcie

7 rest

A musical notation indicating a silence of a specified duration.

Dutch: kalmte, rust
Polish: pauza


1 rest

Not move; be in a resting position.

2 rest

Take a short break from one's activities in order to relax.

synonyms: breathe, catch one's breath, take a breather.

Dutch: rust

3 rest

Give a rest to.

4 rest

Have a place in relation to something else:
— The responsibility rests with the Allies.

synonym: lie.

5 rest

Be at rest.

Dutch: rusten

6 rest

Stay the same; remain in a certain state:
— Rest assured.

synonyms: remain, stay.

Roget 141: let alone, let be, let it be; persist, remain, stay, tarry, rest; stet (copy editing) hold, hold on; last, ... show more

Roget 142: cease, discontinue, desist, stay, halt; break off, leave off; hold, stop, pull up, stop short; stick, hang fire; halt; ... show more

Roget 265: be quiescent etc. adj.; stand still, lie still; keep quiet, repose, hold the breath.    remain, stay; stand, lie to, ride at anchor, remain in situ, ... show more

Dutch: bestendigen, blijven, consolideren, stabiliseren

7 rest

Be inherent or innate in.

synonyms: repose, reside.

Roget 687: repose; rest, rest and be thankful; take a rest, take one's ease, take it easy.    relax, unbend, slacken; take breath etc. (refresh) 689; rest upon one's oars; ... show more

8 rest

Put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying.

9 rest

Sit, as on a branch.

synonyms: perch, roost.

10 rest

Rest on or as if on a pillow.

synonym: pillow.

11 rest

Be inactive, refrain from acting.

Moby thesaurus: abeyance, abide, abide in, advocate, afterglow, afterimage, allay, alpenstock, annihilation, appease, arm, arrive, ataraxia, ataraxy, athletic supporter, awful silence, axis, back, backbone, backing ... show more.

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