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1 recover

Get or find back; recover the use of.

synonyms: find, regain, retrieve.

Roget 654: be in health etc. adj.. bloom, flourish.    keep body and soul together, keep on one's legs; enjoy good health, enjoy a good state of health; have a clean bill of health.    return to health; recover etc. ... show more

Roget 658: improve; be better, become better, get better; mend, amend.    advance etc. (progress) 282; ascend etc. 305; increase ... show more

Roget 660: return to the original state; recover, rally, revive; come come to, come round, come to oneself; pull through, weather the storm, be oneself again; get well, get round, get the better of, get over, ... show more

Roget 775: acquire, get, gain, win, earn, obtain, procure, gather; collect etc. (assemble) 72; pick, pickup; ... show more

Roget 789: take, catch, hook, nab, bag, sack, pocket, put into one's pocket; receive; accept.    reap, crop, cull, ... show more

Dutch: herkrijgen, bergen, terugkrijgen, achterhalen, hervinden, terugvinden, weervinden

2 recover

Get over an illness or shock.

synonyms: convalesce, recuperate.

Dutch: beteren, herstellen

3 recover

Regain a former condition after a financial loss:
— We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90.

synonyms: go back, recuperate.

4 recover

Regain or make up for.

synonyms: recoup, recuperate.

Roget 790: return, restore; give back, carry back, bring back; render, render up; give up; let go, unclutch; disgorge, regorge; regurgitate; recoup, ... show more

Dutch: bijspijkeren, bijwerken

5 recover

Reuse (materials from waste products).

synonym: reclaim.

6 recover

Cover anew.

Moby thesaurus: balance, bounce back, bring back, come about, come around, come back, come round, come to, come up smiling, compensate, convalesce, deliver, extract, extricate, free, gain strength, get about, get back, get better, get over ... show more.

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