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1 spurt

The occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid).

synonyms: jet, spirt, squirt.

Roget 684: haste, urgency; despatch, dispatch; acceleration, spurt, spirt, forced march, rush, dash; speed, velocity etc. 274; ... show more

Roget 686: exertion, effort, strain, tug, pull, stress, throw, stretch, struggle, spell, spurt, spirt; stroke of work, stitch of work.    ... show more

Roget 612: impulse, sudden thought; impromptu, improvisation; inspiration, flash, spurt.    improvisatore; creature of impulse.   

Roget 348: running water.    jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau [Fr.]; sluice.    water spout, water fall; ... show more

Roget 274: velocity, speed, celerity; swiftness etc. adj.; rapidity, eagle speed; expedition etc. (activity) 682; pernicity; acceleration; ... show more

Roget 111: transience, transientness etc. adj.; evanescence, impermanence, fugacity [Chem], caducity, mortality, span; nine days' wonder, bubble, Mayfly; ... show more

Dutch: straal


1 spurt

Gush forth in a sudden stream or jet.

synonyms: gush, spirt, spout.

Roget 348: flow, run; meander; gush, pour, spout, roll, jet, well, issue; drop, drip, dribble, plash, ... show more

Roget 297: give exit, give vent to; let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out; dispatch, despatch; exhale, excern, excrete; embogue; secrete, ... show more

2 spurt

Move or act with a sudden increase in speed or energy.

synonyms: forge, spirt.

Moby thesaurus: a breath, acceleration, access, ado, advance, agitation, anabasis, ascension, ascent, belch, bit, blow out, blowout, bob up, bother, botheration, break water, bundle, burst, burst of speed ... show more.

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