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1 equipage

Equipment and supplies of a military force.

synonym: materiel.

Roget 780: property, possession, suum cuique [Lat.], meum et tuum [Lat.].    ownership, proprietorship, lordship; seignority; empire etc. (dominion) 737.    interest, stake, ... show more

Roget 882: ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage [Fr.], pomp, array, state, solemnity; dash, splash, splurge, glitter, ... show more

2 equipage

A vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses.

synonyms: carriage, rig.

Roget 272: vehicle, conveyance, carriage, caravan, van; common carrier; wagon, waggon, wain, dray, cart, lorry.    truck, tram; ... show more

Dutch: break, brik, janplezier, rijtuig, wagon
Polish: ekwipa┼╝

Moby thesaurus: accouterments, apparatus, appliances, appointments, appurtenances, armament, conveniences, duffel, equipment, facilities, facility, fittings, fixtures, four-in-hand, furnishings, furniture, gear, impedimenta, installations, kit ... show more.

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