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Roget category 883

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.5. Extrinsic affections

#883. Celebration


celebration, solemnization, jubilee, commemoration, ovation, paean, triumph, jubilation, ceremony (rite) 998holiday, fiesta, zarabanda, revelry, feast (amusement) 840china anniversary, diamond anniversary, golden anniversary, silver anniversary, tin anniversary, china jubilee, diamond jubilee, golden jubilee, silver jubilee, tin jubilee, china wedding, diamond wedding, golden wedding, silver wedding, tin wedding.
triumphal arch, bonfire, salutesalvo, salvo of artilleryfeu de joie [Fr.], flourish of trumpets, fanfare, colors flying, illuminations.
inauguration, installation, presentationcoronationLord Mayor's showharvest-home, red-letter daytrophy etc. 733Te Deum etc. (thanksgiving) 990 [Lat.]fete etc. 882holiday etc. 840Forefathers' Day [U.S.].


celebrate keep, signalize, do honor to, commemorate, solemnize, hallow, mark with a red letter.
pledge, drink to, toast, hob and nob.
inaugurate, install, chair.
rejoice etc. 838kill the fatted calf, hold jubilee, roast an ox.


celebrating etc. v. — commemorative, celebrated, immortal.


in honor of, in commemoration of.


hail!, all hail!, io paean, io triumphe! , see the conquering hero comes!.

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