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Roget category 82

1. Words expressing abstract relations
1.4. Order
›› 1.4.5. Order as regards categories

#82. Conformity


conformity, conformanceobservancehabituation.
naturalizationconventionality etc. (custom) 613agreement etc. 23.
example, instance, specimen, sample, quotationexemplification, illustration, case in point object lessonelucidation.
standard, model, pattern etc. (prototype) 22.
rule, nature, principlelaworder of thingsnormal state, natural state, ordinary state, model state, normal condition, natural condition, ordinary condition, model conditionstanding dish, standing orderProcrustean lawlaw of the Medes and Persianshard and fast rule.


conform to, conform to ruleaccommodate oneself to, adapt oneself torub off corners.
be regular etc. adj. — move in a groovefollow observe the rules, go by the rules, bend to the rules, obey the rules, obey the precedentscomply with, tally with, chime in with, fall in withbe guided by, be regulated byfall into a custom, fall into a usagefollow the fashion, follow the crowd, follow the multitudepass muster, do as others do, hurler avec les loups [Fr.]stand on ceremonywhen in Rome do as the Romans dogo with the stream, go with the flow, swim with the stream, swim with the current, swim with the tide, blow with the windstick to the beaten track etc. (habit) 613keep one in countenance.
exemplify, illustrate, cite, quote, quote precedent, quote authority, appeal to authority, put a caseproduce an instance etc. n. — elucidate, explain.


conformable to ruleregular etc. 136according to regulation, according to rule, according to Hoyle, according to Cocker, according to Gunteren regle [Fr.], selon les regles [Fr.], well regulated, orderlysymmetric etc. 242.
conventional etc. (customary) 613of daily occurrence, of everyday occurrencein the natural order of thingsordinary, common, habitual, usual, everyday, workaday.
in the order of the daynaturalized.
typical, normal, nominal, formalcanonical, orthodox, sound, strict, rigid, positive, uncompromising, Procrustean.
secundum artem [Lat.], shipshape, technical.
exempIe [Fr.].
illustrative, in point.


conformably etc. adj. — by ruleagreeably toin conformity with, in accordance with, in keeping withaccording toconsistently withas usual, ad instar [Lat.], instar omnium [Lat.]more solito [Lat.], more-majorum.
for the sake of conformityas a matter of course, of coursepro forma [Lat.], for form's sake, by the card.
invariably, etc. (uniformly) 16.
for example, exempli gratia [Lat.], e.
g. — inter alia [Lat.], among other thingsfor instance.


cela va sans dire [Fr.]ex pede Herculem [Lat.]noscitur a sociis [Lat.]ne e quovis ligno Mercurius fiat [Lat.] [Erasmus]; they are happy men whose natures sort with their they are happy men whose natures sort with their vocations" [Bacon]. The nail that sticks up hammered down [Jap.Tr.]Tall poppy syndromeStick your neck out and it may get cut off.

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