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1 gentility

Elegance by virtue of fineness of manner and expression.

synonyms: breeding, genteelness.

Roget 894: courtesy; respect etc. 928; good manners, good behavior, good breeding; manners; politeness etc. adj.; bienseance, urbanity, ... show more

Roget 875: nobility, rank, condition, distinction, optimacy, blood, pur sang [Fr.], birth, high descent, order; quality, gentility; blue blood of Castile; ancien regime [Fr.].    ... show more

Roget 852: fashion, style, ton, bon ton, society; good society, polite society; monde [Fr.]; drawing-room, civilized life, civilization, town, beau monde [Fr.], high life, ... show more

Dutch: deftigheid

Moby thesaurus: ancestry, appropriateness, aristocracy, aristocraticalness, becomingness, birth, blood, blue blood, breeding, civility, cultivation, culture, decency, decorousness, decorum, distinction, elegance, elite, felicity, fitness ... show more.

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