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1 daub

Material used to daub walls.

Roget 555: misrepresentation, distortion, caricatura, exaggeration; daubing etc. v.; bad likeness, daub, sign painting; scratch, caricature; anamorphosis; burlesque, ... show more

2 daub

A blemish made by dirt.

synonyms: blot, slur, smear, smirch, smudge, spot.

Dutch: klad, schandvlek, smet, vlek
Polish: plama

3 daub

An unskillful painting.


1 daub

Coat with plaster:
— Daub the wall.

synonym: plaster.

Roget 555: misrepresent, distort, overdraw, exaggerate, caricature, daub; burlesque, parody, travesty.   

2 daub

Apply to a surface.

3 daub

Cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it:
— Daub the ceiling with plaster.

synonym: smear.

Roget 653: be unclean, become unclean etc. adj.; rot, putrefy, ferment, fester, rankle, reek; stink etc. 401; mold, ... show more

Dutch: lasteren, uitsmeren

Moby thesaurus: abstract, abstraction, altarpiece, anamorphosis, anoint, apply paint, attaint, bad likeness, bedaub, bedizen, beeswax, begild, besmear, besmirch, besmoke, besmutch, besoil, bestain, black, blacken ... show more.

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