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Roget category 852

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.2. Discriminative affections

#852. Fashion


fashion, style, ton, bon ton, societygood society, polite societymonde [Fr.]drawing-room, civilized life, civilization, town, beau monde [Fr.], high life, courtworldfashionable world, gay worldVanity Fairshow etc. (ostentation) 822.
manners, breeding etc. (politeness) 894air, demeanor etc. (appearance) 448savoir faire [Fr.]gentlemanliness, gentility, decorum, propriety, biens_eance [Fr.]conventions of societyMrs.
Grundypunctilioform, formalityetiquette, point of etiquettedress etc. 225.
custom etc. 613mode, vogue, gorage etc. (desire) 865prevailing tastefad, trend, bandwagon, furore, thing, in thing, craze, chic, last word.
man of fashion, woman of fashion, man of the world, woman of the worldheight of fashion, pink of fashion, star of fashion, glass of fashion, leader of fashionarbiter elegantiarum [Lat.] etc. (taste) 850the beautiful people, the fashion set, upper ten thousand etc. (nobility) 875elite etc. (distinction) 873smart setthe four hundred [U.S.]in crowd.


be fashionable etc. adj., be the rage etc. n. — have a run, pass current.
follow the fashion, conform to the fashion, fall in with the fashion, follow the trend, follow the crowd etc. n. — go with the stream etc. (conform) 82savoir vivre [Fr.], savoir faire [Fr.]keep up appearances, behave oneself.
set the fashion, bring in the fashiongive a tone to society, cut a figure in societykeep one's carriage.


fashionablein fashion etc. n. — a la mode, comme il faut [Fr.]admitted in society, admissible in society etc. n. — presentableconventional etc. (customary) 613genteelwell-bred, well mannered, well behaved, well spokengentlemanlike, gentlemanlyladylikecivil, polite etc. (courteous) 894.
polished, refined, thoroughbred, courtlydistingue [Fr.]unembarrassed, degage [Fr.]janty, jauntydashing, fast.
modish, stylish, chic, trendy, recherchenewfangled etc. (unfamiliar) 83all the rage, all the gowith it, in, faddish.
in court, in full dress, in evening dressen grande tenue [Fr.] etc. (ornament) 847.


fashionably etc. adj. — for fashion's sake.


a la francaise, a la parisiennea l' anglaise [Fr.], a l' americaine [Fr.]autre temps autre mauers [Fr.]chaque pays a sa guise [Fr.].

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