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1 remedy

Act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil.

synonyms: redress, remediation.

Roget 618: good, benefit, advantage; improvement etc. 658; greatest good, supreme good; interest, service, behoof, behalf; weal; main chance, ... show more

Roget 662: remedy, help, cure, redress; medicine, medicament; diagnosis, medical examination; medical treatment; surgery; preventive medicine.    [medical devices] clinical thermometer, ... show more

Dutch: sanering

2 remedy

A medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain.

synonyms: curative, cure, therapeutic.

Dutch: curatief, geneeskrachtig, heilzaam, remedie, therapeutisch


1 remedy

Set straight or right:
— Remedy these deficiencies.

synonyms: amend, rectify, remediate, repair.

Roget 660: return to the original state; recover, rally, revive; come come to, come round, come to oneself; pull through, weather the storm, be oneself again; get well, get round, get the better of, get over, ... show more

Dutch: herstellen, verhelpen

2 remedy

Provide relief for:
— Remedy his illness.

synonym: relieve.

Roget 834: relieve, ease, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, soothe; salve; soften, soften down; foment, stupe, poultice; assuage, allay.    ... show more

Moby thesaurus: abatement, abet, aid, allayment, alleviate, alleviation, ameliorate, amend, amends, analgesia, anesthesia, anesthetizing, answer, antacid, antidote, appeasement, assist, assistance, assuagement, avail ... show more.

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