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1 fuss

An excited state of agitation.

synonyms: dither, flap, pother, tizzy.

Roget 882: ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage [Fr.], pomp, array, state, solemnity; dash, splash, splurge, glitter, ... show more

2 fuss

An angry disturbance:
— He didn't want to make a fuss.

synonyms: bother, hassle, trouble.

Polish: urwanie głowy

3 fuss

A quarrel about petty points.

synonyms: bicker, bickering, pettifoggery, spat, squabble, tiff.

Dutch: gekibbel, gekrakeel

4 fuss

A rapid active commotion.

synonyms: ado, bustle, flurry, hustle, stir.

Roget 825: excitability, impetuosity, vehemence; boisterousness etc. adj.; turbulence; impatience, intolerance, nonendurance; irritability etc. (irascibility) 901; ... show more

Roget 684: haste, urgency; despatch, dispatch; acceleration, spurt, spirt, forced march, rush, dash; speed, velocity etc. 274; ... show more

Roget 682: activity; briskness, liveliness etc. adj.; animation, life, vivacity, spirit, dash, energy; snap, vim.    nimbleness, ... show more

Roget 315: agitation, stir, tremor, shake, ripple, jog, jolt, jar, jerk, shock, succussion, trepidation, quiver, quaver, ... show more

Dutch: gedoe, ophef
Polish: krzątanina


1 fuss

Worry unnecessarily or excessively:
— Don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now.

synonyms: fret, niggle.

Roget 825: be impatient etc. adj.; not be able to bear etc. 826; bear ill, wince, chafe, champ a bit; be in a stew etc. n.; be out of all patience, ... show more

Roget 682: be active etc. adj.; busy oneself in; stir, stir about, stir one's stumps; bestir oneself, rouse oneself; speed, hasten, peg away, lay about one, ... show more

2 fuss

Care for like a mother:
— She fusses over her husband.

synonyms: mother, overprotect.

Dutch: bemoederen

Moby thesaurus: addle, addle the wits, ado, agitate, agitation, air a grievance, altercation, argument, ball up, becloud, bedazzle, beef, befuddle, bellyache, bewilder, bicker, bickering, bitch, bleat, blood feud ... show more.

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