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1 cloak

Anything that covers or conceals.

Roget 530: camouflage; mimicry; hiding place; secret place, secret drawer; recess, hold, holes and corners; closet, crypt, adytum, abditory, oubliette.    ambush, ... show more

Roget 225: clothing, investment; covering etc. 223; dress, raiment, drapery, costume, attire, guise, toilet, toilette, trim; ... show more

2 cloak

A loose outer garment.

Dutch: mantel
Polish: peleryna


1 cloak

Hide under a false appearance.

synonyms: dissemble, mask.

Roget 528: conceal, hide, secrete, put out of sight; lock up, seal up, bottle up.    encrypt, encode, cipher.    cover, screen, cloak, veil, ... show more

2 cloak

Cover as if with clothing.

synonyms: clothe, drape, robe.

Dutch: kleden

3 cloak

Cover with or as if with a cloak.

Moby thesaurus: alibi, apology, apply to, arm, armor, becloud, befog, blanket, bless, blind, block, bonnet, boot, breech, camouflage, canopy, cap, cape, champion, clothe ... show more.

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